What To Wear To Church

I started my store out in the beginning putting fashion items in like crazy 😧 I was getting discouraged, allot with the difference  in size coming from over seas, but I wasn't finding enough plus size(truetosize) nice classic looks for men or women, also it seems like everything is really kind of going out to the club on a Friday night looks. Not that there's anything wrong with that if you're going out to the club on Friday night but not for everyday and if you're going to church and you need something for below the knee and not showing so much cleavage and not so tight. So I decided to start a section geared towards the type of items that you see or want to see young men and women wear at church I am working on my Sunday Collection of modest styles it's taking me some time because I'm having a hard time finding everything I need it's a process so bear with me.