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SATA3.5 USB 3.0 external hard drive 4tb enclosure

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This super-speed USB 3.0 device is your friendly,secure and lightweight removeable

mass storage device disk enclosures.Computer will quickly configure the disk without

restarting when connected with the enclosure through USB cable.You can do everything

you like as using a disk driver.Since it can support large capacity,you can also play MP3

files,run program application and play videos directly from disk,and the enclosure is so

light and compact that you can carry it with you anywhere.It is so easy to install that you

can actually use it as your backup device or replace the ZIP drivers or MO drivers.Please

read the manual carefully before use this product. 


Transfer interface

USB 3.0

Transfer rate


Support HDD

2.5”/3.5” Hard Disk

Work temperature


Work humidity


Storage humidity


Operate system



Your computer should have USB port


Win SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7

                 Note:Windows98 have to install CD driver

               (Use the CD driver in accessories to install )


1) Color:Silver, Black,Red

2) USB 3.0 transfer rate:USB3.0 support to 5GMbps

3) Suitable for SATA hard disk.

4) Supports Win SE / ME / 2000 /XP/Vista/Win 7/8/10 or later versions

5) Front power switch

6) Equipped with LED indicates power and lock function

7) Plug and play Hot swapping without rebooting

8) Accessories: Package,Manual,Screw,Screwdriver,USB3.0cable



Open the box and take out the PCB and chassis


Install the hard-disc onto the chassis


Use the screws tighten the hard disk onto the chassis


Put the chassis with hard-disc back into the box,tighten the screws.


Connect AC power to external case


Turn on the switch to “ON”


Connect cable to USB port of computer


1. My computer system is WIN98. Why can’t my computer identify my USB disk?

A: Startup the computer, enter the BIOS setup, check whether the relevant options of USB in BIOS are

opened: set OnChip USB as Enabled; set USB Controller as Enabled; set PNP OS Installed as YES; set

Assign IRQ For USB as Enabled. 
To use USB device you need to drive USB interface first and enable mainboard chipset’s full support of

USB device to make preparations for the system to identify USB device. To use it in WIN98 system, a

correct driver needs to be installed; otherwise it cannot be identified by the system. The driver can be

obtained in the attached CD or related website.

2. Why is my USB disk clicking and cannot be identified?

A: It is likely the USB interface is lack of power supply. The power of USB disk is large and requires rigid

voltage. The front USB interface is connected to the computer via cable and consume large amount of

voltage while transferring. Therefore, it is advised to connect the USB disk to the USB interface of the

rear mainboard. It is also possible that the front USB wire is connected in a wrong way. Provided that

there are two AM heads at the matched USB wire, both AM heads can be connected to the computer to

try if it works. It is suggested to use the matched USB wire provided by the factory since the USB wire

with poor quality or large length can affect regular service.

3. My computer cannot identify the USB disk, or it can identify the icon of the USB disk but

cannot open it or use it. Further more, whenever the USB disk is plugged in the system works

slower. Why is that?

A: It should be because of the USB lack of power supply. Please connect to AC adapter if the USB disk

has DC power adapter. If there is no DC adapter jack, it is suggested to connect to a USB HUB with

power supply (i.e. a USB HUB with DC power supply) in order to offer sufficient power supply.


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